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Lowes Insulation

Lowes insulation is the ultimate way to minimize spending on energy and giving longer life to your structures. Prior to the energy crisis of the 1970s, people thought that there were limitless energy resources. Due to this misconception, most people went for the thermostat instead of going for proper insulation. Adding insulation to your home is a simple task that does not require that you have any special skills. Depending upon the size of your home, doing insulation will take you between one to two days.

Proper insulation is going to help you save a lot of money on energy. Set against a poorly insulated one, a correctly insulated structure does not easily lose or gain weight. As such, it becomes fairly easy to maintain a comfortable temperature range. Retention of the conditioned temperatures minimizes the demand for heating and cooling of systems. This does not only minimize maintenance costs but also gives longer life to the insulated systems.

R value
R value is the ability of a material to resist the conduction of heat. The higher a materials R value, the higher its efficiency as an insulator. All the values assigned to an insulator are based on the insulators thickness and are often noted upon the package. Reducing thickness of any insulator reduces its ability to resist the conduction of heat.

The material that is going to be used to insulate the structures around your home is going to be determined by a host of factors. Chief among these factors is the type of installation. Different materials have different areas of use.

One of the most commonly used materials in insulation is the cellulose insulation. Cellulose Lowes insulation is a recycled, organic, kind of insulation than is blown into walls and attics. It is often made of recycled newspapers. These recycled newspapers are treated with flame retardant materials in order to make them fire resistant.

Another common insulation material is the fiberglass insulation. Fiberglass insulation is manufactured by the fibrous insulation. It is found in particular shapes and sizes that are designed to fit well into certain spaces. Fiberglass insulation has has vapor barriers that increase its insulating efficacy. It is commonly wrapped in plastic heating which makes installation fairly easy.

Other Lowes insulation materials include attic rafter vents or baffles. These are meant to fit between rafters. They are usually installed to prevent the insulation from preventing the flow of air. In addition materials that are used in insulation are insulation supports. These are usually precut wires that are meant to fit between the framing members. They are also used to hold the insulation in place.

Polythene sheeting
The polythene sheeting is another material used in Lowes insulation. This polythene sheeting is often used as a vapor barrier. It is often used together with blown cellulose. Most manufacturers recommend the use of 4 or 6 mm of this sheeting in order to reduce its chances of tearing.

You are always advised to wear goggles, masks and gloves when doing any kind of insulation. It is also recommended that you keep a 3'' distance between the insulation and any source of heat such as bulbs. It is also a good idea to do faced insulation with the face pointing to the inside of the structure.

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